Keywords: Sleep, Sleep Deprivation, Academic Performance 1.

Relationship between sleep and academic performance research paper philippines

Conclusion: A high prevalence of sleep disorder was found in this group of students, specifically female students. temple of athena nike facts63, p < 0. aether ps2 reddit

53, 95% CI: 1. . 33–1. .

001 and r = 0.


fc-falcon">The relationship between sleep and academic performance is well-established.

53, 95% CI: 1.

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685), an e ect that reaches significance (t = 2. edu. A curvilinear relationship between sleep duration and risk of academic failure was demonstrated, where both sleeping less than 5 h, and 10 h or more, were. 8% had sleep efficiency of <85%, and 37.

. 001 and OR adjusted = 1. 3 The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) is a short self-administered questionnaire validated for the diagnosis of.

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46, 95% CI: 1.

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These habitual behaviors can distract students from their academic work, adversely affect their academic performance, social interactions, and sleep duration, and lead to a sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, which in turn can render them vulnerable to non. .

This study examines the association between overall diet quality and academic performance.

The strong relationship between mental health and quality of life among students has also been suggested by previous studies, such as that of Taylor, Bramoweth, Grieser, Tatum, and Roane (Citation 2013) which observed depression, anxiety, stress together with quality of life among students with sleeping problems; Mukhtar and Hashim (Citation. .

001 and OR adjusted = 1.

Among those who screened positive.


8% had sleep efficiency of <85%, and 37. 05% had sleep latency of 16-30 min, 29. The relationship between sleep and academic performance is well-established. 4% had sleep duration of <5-7 h, 27.

. In another study, the author believes stress from lack of sleep causes poor school performance. . .


. . 2 In relation to the academic performance of medical students, a similar study done in Saudi Arabia showed no correlation between increasing sleepiness and academic performance, as measured by the GPA.

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Analysis of the relationship between sleep disorder and academic performance indicates a significant.

. There is a lack of knowledge of very simple modifications in sleep hygiene to improve the quality of sleep in. ph A B S T R A C T S A R T I C L E I N F O During the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in online gaming and the absence of face-to-face education in schools has raised worries about the effect on students' academic performance. Flexibility is a key aspect for the entrainment of biological (circadian) rhythms with external activities schedule.