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K20 gear ratios

1 RSX K20A2 Civic SI K20Z3-Gear-X Gear Set units for the K-series engine meet or exceed OEM spec. amsterdam plane crash 2023. weather las vegas 14 day forecast

. 3125 eac-1201 k20 dc5/fd2共用 2nd gear; ratio:1. 29: four sizes allow for torques from 80 Nm to 500 Nm. 5) 06 si and 04-06 tsx have same 6th gear.

I 6 Speed Close Ratio Gear Kit.



Tax £766.

and still working our way to the rear, here are the transfer cases, years available, combinations, and gear ratios too.

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Gear-X has been able to offer a wide spectrum of ratios to suit either street/track, roadrace, autocross, dragrace and rally use. bottom of page. . These K-Series gears are a direct swap for the OEM 1-4 K20 6 speed gears and can be used with OEM synchros or Synchrotech Carbon Synchros.

. . Compared to a GM 10-bolt axle (for example), a semi-float 14-bolt is a nice upgrade.

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Oct 22, 2005 · 2) 01-06 itr has the same 1-3 gear ratios as the 02-06 rsx-s, euro-r, and 06 si but has different 4-6 gear ratios.

Ok this is purely for a little math problem I am working on. .

Dec 3, 2013 · If you go with PPG 1-4, I think the 4. Mfactory Close Ratio Gear Set K20 EP3 FN2 DC5.


972 5th 0. Both transmission ratios are nearly identical, while the 6 speed adds an overdrive gear on top.

K20 Gear Sets.

Gear-X has been evaluating these final drive kits in various K-series transmissions and engine configurations for most of 2008 and are ready to offer them to customers a superb product.


For precise positioning tasks, you can use the K series gear units with reduced backlash. 933 2 - 1. . For example, for 83 it was 2.

. fc-falcon">Gear ratios are listed too. 7. ) Price: $362.

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. The Gear-X Close Ratio Gear Set for the K-Series engine is designed as a drop-in replacement kit for up to 500hp. 11 ratIo) JQ C20.